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MN is an acronym for "Migration Network".

In M3 Anvil! clusters, this is a dedicated subnet used for server live migration traffic. Specifically; When a server needs to live-migrate between from one sub-node to the other, the RAM needs to be copied to the new host.

The way this works is that, when a migration is initiated, the server is cloned to the target host, in a paused state. That is to say, no processing is allowed to happen, but the virtual hardware is allocated. While the server is still operating (during live migrations), the RAM in use by that server needs to be copied to the peer. When the target can be reached using the short_host_name.mn1, the RAM copy will be done using that network.

For this to be most beneficial, the MN links are connected back-to-back between the subnodes, typically using a very high speed network, at least 10 Gbps, though 25 or 40 Gbps would be even more desirable.

A common configuration would be to have two dual-port NICs in each subnode, with one interface being used by the MN, and the other being used by the SN (the second NIC being the redundant connection).

If the subnode does not have an MN, or if the peer can't be reached by resolving the X.mn1 host name, the RAM copy will happen over the BCN.

Typically this network uses the subnet.


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